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Untouched World Comfort Coat Cardi

$599.00 inc GST

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Designed with style, comfort and versatility in mind, this long-line Ecopossum cardi doubles as a coat to keep you warm and cosy. Ribbed detailing at the shoulders and down the sides compliments the silhouette and adds an elegant stream-lining effect.

Made from our exclusive Ecopossum™ blend of Merino, possum, silk (and depending on colour, Angora)
Made in New Zealand
Available in S to L

About Untouched World™

The Untouched World™ brand ethos is simple. They create beautiful, easy wear, easy care pieces you will enjoy for years to come. Pieces that not only make you feel good inside and out, but are also easy on the earth. Quality and sustainability are non-negotiables, and Untouched World™ won’t budge on either.

Not all Merino is created equal. Much like wine, there’s varying qualities on offer. For us only the crème de la crème will do. Mountainsilk™ is our renowned fine machine washable Merino. It’s created much like a fine wine, with painstaking attention to detail in all technical aspects of its production.

From fibre selection and design through to spinning and knitting, every care is taken to ensure each Mountainsilk™ piece we make is of exceptional quality. Designed and carefully constructed to stand the test of time, our Mountainsilk™ garments will not itch or pill and have clever temperature regulating qualities. Mountainsilk™ is also anti-microbial, UV and odour resistant, making it perfect for travel. It is arguably the best fabric on the planet to deliver all day style in easy wear, easy care dressing.

Untouched World™ is the first and only lifestyle fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability.