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Mia Fratino

Mia Fratino Venus Pullover Sweater $389.00

$389.00 $239.95 inc GST

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The ultimate weekend cosy knit. Featuring a chunky and cable knit feature.

Cut from our relaxed block, this unique 100% cashmere knit makes the perfect winter wardrobe statement.


Mia Fratino

Sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere.
Our cashmere is sourced ethically from Inner Mongolia. All our cashmere goats are reared in happy, healthy and cruelty-free environments.
We only use premium grade, long filament cashmere and do not use Cashmere that exceeds 15 microns (in other words, extremely fine!) Our yarns are double twisted, to ensure a consistent quality is achieved. Cashmere fleece is taken from the underbelly, Winter coat of the Cashmere goat, collected during the warmer months when the fleece is naturally shed. No goats were harmed in the making of your MIA FRATINO garment.
Happy healthy goats = premium quality, long-filament cashmere.