Inoui Editions expresses a know-how developed in textile accessories, its core business, with a complete collection of stoles, bags and accessories.

Their sense of detail characterizes the permanent research of the Inoui Editions style team, for an infinite variety of material combinations, woven & printed bases.
Summer & Winter, Inoui Editions reinvents itself with its original, playful & inspired designs.

Each piece from their collection is thought of as a work in its own right by the style team.

Their collections follows a common thread & are discovered like an exhibition.

What makes the brand unique is its attachment to its territory: the Baie de Somme. But beyond this attachment, it is the relationship that it has created between France & India for more than 10 years that makes it unique.

The designs are thought out & drawn in Saint-Valéry sur Somme, it is in India that the scarves are designed with their talented artisan suppliers.

This distribution allows for total creativity, between French elegance on one side, & Indian know-how on the other.

India, whose weaving techniques & materials are world famous, gives Inoui Editions that extra touch, that extra soul which with each model comes to surprise and seduce. A woven border, a blend of silk & modal for a remarkable fit…

Everything is studied on site with the suppliers, year after year, to retain only the best processes. The famous Inoui “twist” is therefore not only found in the designs, but also in the way of thinking of the scarf as a fashion accessory in its own right, which will transform a silhouette.

AND this is why we love this amazing label & we hope you do to 🌿