Born to a family that has produced and cherished cashmere for over 30 years, cashmere is not simply a material, but a philosophy and a way of life. Cashmerism believe in pairing luxurious, timeless designs with the finest cashmere.

Their design studio is based in Melbourne, with each garment inspired by the kaleidoscopic charm and ephemeral culture. They are a reflection of appreciation, of confidence and of timeless beauty.

Cashmere is a warm friend: cosy and fluffy, embracing you in luxurious comfort and effortless styles. Each piece is designed deliberately and thoughtfully by Cashmerim, with the hope that it brings you simple warmth, kindness and confidence. We hope that you and your garment cherish one another, bestowing timeless love and comfort. All Cashmerism garments are soft and wearable, encompassing an honest and ethical mindset from start to finish.

Merging family tradition and exploration of vibrant designs and styles, we are thrilled to introduce you to – CASHMERISM