About Dalcheri

At Dalcheri we are passionate about our environment we love sourcing and supplying beautiful sustainable Natural Fiber Clothing and Ethically made garments and products for our customers.

When you are familiar with our Dalcheri store you will notice there is a superior quality and style once you enter, a sophistication, timeless and classic feel, an experience unique to many who visit.

Dalcheri, we are specialist in the finest quality knitwear from around the world. Our highlight pieces are curated from Untouched World in New Zealand. Untouched World is the first ever company to blend the two fibers of Merino and Possum together, they create the warmest, lightest and the most superior garments for everyone

Dalcheri is a store that reflects every season, Hemp, Organic Cotton, Linen and Wood Fiber are all an integral part of the selection process and the choices we take very seriously. Having long and lasting relationships with our suppliers gives us the opportunities to carefully select and bring to our store pieces we guarantee will give our customers longevity and peace of mind and help them make the best choice not only for them but also for our environment.

Our philosophy is creating relationships within our community with positive emphasis on sustainability and supporting local each year. Giving back to the community is an integral part of what makes Dalcheri a unique shopping experience.

Dalcheri provides an expertise that seems long forgotten in retail, harnessing good old fashioned Customer Service and Product Knowledge

You will receive a shopping experience that is Unique, one that will satisfy your needs and desires each changing Season.

It is a Conscious Shopping Destination. It’s Dalcheri Natural Fibers.

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