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Wakatipu Vest

$289.00 inc GST

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The Wakatipu vest features a unique curved front zip fastening and a zipped central pocket. Made in New Zealand from 380gsm Mountainsilk™ Sport‚ machine washable Merino.

Great for layering over a tshirt or long sleeve top.



More about Mountainskilk  from Untouched World….

Mountainsilk™ is our renowned Fine Machine Washable Merino – a signature fabric of Untouched World™. Mountainsilk™ combines the highest quality Merino, with superior design and construction to offer you garments you can wear and enjoy for years. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we think it’s pretty amazing (and we have it on good authority that other people think so too!). Designed to stand the test of time, it will not itch or pill and has clever temperature regulating qualities.

Mountainsilk™ is arguably the best fabric on the planet to deliver all day style in easy wear, easy care dressing to ensure you look and feel just as fresh and sharp at the end of the day as when you started it.

Not all Merino is created equal. Much like wine, there’s varying qualities on offer. For us only the crème de la crème will do. Mountainsilk™ is created much like a fine wine, with painstaking attention to detail in all technical aspects of its production. From fibre selection through to spinning and knitting, every care is taken to ensure each piece is of exceptional quality, with beautiful drape and performance qualities. We only use organic or Zque™ certified Merino, as we believe the happier and healthier the sheep are, the better quality Merino it will produce, and luckily science backs us up. Zque™ Merino fibre is backed by an on-farm accreditation, which verifies the highest standard of quality and practice right throughout the supply chain.



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