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tani long tube skirt

Tani Long Tube Skirt

$69.95 inc GST

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Tani long tube skirt made with natural fibre materals that are finer than silk, paired with an elastic waist this is comfort meets style in perfect synergy.

Sustainable ethical fashion – This skirt can be worn on the hips, the waist or as a tube dress.

More about Tani

Tani is a Melbourne based business, designed and distributed in Australia by husband and wife duo Lisa Thornton and Paul Ryder since 2004.

“I design the range according to what I love to wear”, Lisa says,
“Our very first collection was made up of lounge basics but Tani has now grown to an entire lifestyle range, dresses, tees, travel wear and leggings.”

We live, breathe and love Tani, we are excited to grow with it. We are always working hard to bring new styles, colours and patterns to the market. The Tani brand is constantly evolving!

The ecologically sustainable range is made from Austrian beech wood giving the fabric its unique soft feel and smooth touch.

The very nature of Tani fabric keeps the wearer warm during winter and cool in summer, mimicking its natural environment.  It’s the Tani Micro Modal Air fabric that brings the garments to life.

Micro Modal Air is made from European beech wood, extracted from Europe’s sustainable forests, treated and then woven. The fibre is grown exclusively from renewable eco-friendly resources and embraces the body, feeling soft and light.


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