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Fibres for Her

Dalcheri Fibres for Her

Luxury, ethical and sustainable fashion for the conscious female who believes in style.  Our brands stocked at Dalcheri are of the highest quality and value.  Each brand is hand selected to be sold on our stores based on the ethical principals of sourcing natural materials, low carbon footprint, ethical manufacturing standards and support given to makers so they are not exploited in any way.

We believe in Slow Fashion.  Fashion that moves at a pace that ensures each garment is versatile, can be worn in multiple seasons, and remains stylish year after year and also looks just as good when you bought it all those years after.

Our fibres for her range is a collection we are proud to offer you.  From brands such as Merinomink, Tani, Native World and Untouched World this is a place where you can ensure your ethical wardrobe will be guarenteed to look and be great.

Ethical fashion is imperative to the continued caring of this plant.  The fashion industry is responsible for so much carbon emissions from production to materials, to factory processing and then consumer waste.

Sustainable fashion is about choosing brands that align themselves with practises that support renewable recourses, use clean energy or reduced carbon footprint.

Please browse our Fibres for Her section with confidence that you can trust the team at Dalcheri with your ethical fashion goals.

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